Manchester Cathedral and The Row That Isn’t.

Question: When is a row not a row?

Answer: When the Daily Mail says there is one.

Check this out. The headline reads: “Church of England row as cathedral opens doors to tarot card readers and crystal healers in ‘new age’ festival”. The first line of the article says “The Church of England was braced for a fresh row today after a cathedral announced plans to host a ‘new age’ festival.”

“Braced for”.  Thats it. No row. No negative comment about the plans from anyone. Just an expectation that there will be one. Its simply doom and gloom reporting from the Daily Mail. I cant help but wonder if they’re trying to push a row into starting?

Read About The Spirit of Life at Manchester Cathedral

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  1. The Church of England’s own press release caused the furore, THEY said it was controversial in their own release. Time to stop blaming journalists, and wonder if the organisers had caused the controversy by an unwise choice of words.

    THEY said power of gemstones, which might have led to rhe crystal healing hype.

    Of course, as soon as the fighting started, they changed their web site, and seem to be evasive about this first, and now vanished release…

    “Manchester Cathedral’s controversial spirituality fair – fire-breathing vicars, dream interpretation and the power of gem stones

    Fire breathing vicars, dream interpretation, Jesus Deck readings and spiritual meditations are some of the spiritual skills on display at Manchester Cathedral’s first ever Spirituality Fair – the Spirit of Life (2 May from 11am-5pm).

    With an amazing line-up of performances, meditations, stalls and workshops throughout the day, the Cathedral is inviting people to come and discover how ancient spirituality meets contemporary culture.

    With over 25 workshops and stalls covering poetry, Franciscan spirituality, arts and crafts, healing, icons, angels, meditation, personality profiling, music and blessings, labyrinths, dream interpretation, food, gem stones, Christian symbolism of Tarot, Celtic saints, prayer bead making, choral evensong, foot and hand massage, Jesus Deck readings, Taize chants and fire breathing!

    The Bishop of Manchester, the Rt Revd Nigel McCulloch, said, “The Spirit of Life event is a chance to discover and explore old and new Christian spiritual traditions from living in community to praying with icons, from healing to bead making, from Franciscan spirituality to contemporary music and movement. Practitioners from all over the country will be on hand to offer their experience of how God speaks to us today through the cultural language and practices so common in mind, body, spirit fairs.”

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