Japan. Any Good News?

Simple idea time. Instead of “Russell Howards Good News”, we going to have “Church Sofa Good News”, and update this with reports of Good news we hear from Japan.

Please dont think we’re trying to take anything away from the huge scale of rubbish that is the current events that are happening in Japan, but we thought it would be nice just to have a little corner of the internet were we tried to focus on the good news coming out of that area.

Earthquake survivor is rescued after being buried for four days

Woman, 70, found alive 4 days after Japan tsunami

Man saved clinging to roof… 10 miles out to sea

Please feel free to share any other news items you come across below:

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One Comment

  1. Nancy Wallace

    There are several good news stories here
    Trouble is every good news story has another side e.g. the man found clinging to a roof out to sea had lost his wife.

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