101 Things To Do When Your Computer Breaks

While on a train down from Manchester, we started writing a list…

  1. Watch TV
  2. Watch that DVD you’ve been meaning to watch
  3. Use wii fit
  4. Talk with a person you live with.
  5. Listen to a person you live with.
  6. If you don’t live with anyone – phone someone you know.
  7. Know noone? Take a wonder to your community centre and see if there are any events that take your fancy.
  8. Use your bike.
  9. Take a walk.
  10. Wash up.
  11. Water the plants.
  12. Got kids? Play with them.
  13. Married and dont have kids? Do something about that.
  14. DIY?
  15. Play that video game you picked up a while ago.
  16. Read your bible.
  17. Possibly consider reading a traditional book version of the bible (as opposed to something online)
  18. Pray?
  19. Learn to cook.
  20. Cook someone something.
  21. Clean up.
  22. Take up a new hobby.
  23. Don’t start a hobby writing lists. It’s rubbish.
  24. Practice what you would sound like with a different accent.
  25. Give all your toys names.
  26. Get out and talk to people in real life.
  27. Go shopping.
  28. Listen to CDs which you’ve not got round to ripping yet.
  29. Listen to CDs which you can’t find on Spotify.
  30. Listen to UCB on the radio.
  31. Turn it off.
  32. Read a proper actual book.
  33. Text people. Don’t facebook them.
  34. Use your imagination in planning the youth club.
  35. Ponder how many of your Christian albums sound overproduced?
  36. Go on a random train journey.
  37. Avoid Birmingham New Street.
  38. Take an Alien on the train, and entertain kids.
  39. Drink a pint before you get on said train.
  40. Wonder if those people sitting opposite you have as little sense of humour as they look.
  41. Find the train in question has no working toilets.
  42. Book seats on a train and see which person demographic gets the most annoyed when you chuck them out your seats.
  43. File that bank statement.
  44. Laugh when your friendly local computer shop admit they’re struggling to fix the PC.
  45. Learn how good the apps on your phone really are.
  46. Try getting out a bored game.
  47. Wonder if you misspelt bored games on purpose.
  48. Ponder the similarities between Birmingham New Street and purgatory.
  49. Really use the wii fit.
  50. For more then 5 minutes.
  51. Read a real life book.
  52. Feel a tad disappointed at The Ten o’Clock Show
  53. Put your dvds back in their boxes.
  54. And the blue rays.
  55. While your at it – how’s the CD collection looking.
  56. Actually do a bottle run.
  57. Ponder why your local council doesn’t recycle glass?
  58. Hoover.
  59. Consider doing the ironing.
  60. Practice cutting hair.
  61. Practice cutting hair on other people.
  62. Go for a run.
  63. At least think about going for a run.
  64. Watch Being Human.
  65. Join the library.
  66. Help your church youth club.
  67. Join the local opera society.
  68. Check out local working mans club.
  69. Join the AA
  70. At least load up the wii fit…
  71. Learn an instrument.
  72. Wonder into town, check out expensive toys.
  73. Write to David Cameron complaining that nice toys have become more expensive
  74. Buy a dart board
  75. Watch a local football match
  76. Make a list of whats really important.
  77. Ponder what distracts you from the important things in life.
  78. Face facts and dig out the laptop – get your website upto date!
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