Weekly Round Up: The Out of This World Edition…

…trust me, it kinda is:

  • (Not really from this week but still kinda applies to events of of this week as well) The Kouya Chronicle calls for prospective in the light of recent votes that have made the news. (With thanks to @RobinS for the tip)
  • Imagine the church sofa… but with rose wine, cushions, and less pizza left gathering dust. It might look something like Purposeful Purity. Very cool blog, except they think that Spiderman is better then Batman…
  • Looking for a last minute Christmas present? Maybe worth while checking out Patriarch, a novel based on Abraham, and available at cost price… or even cheaper… but donating to ICY might be nice.
  • Talking about Christmas, Dave Walker has helped us to understand the symbolism behind Christmas.
  • Jon Butler looks at the importance of being together.
  • And finally… This camera actually does get lifted out of this world.  (Really very cool)
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