What do I know?

A while ago, I came across this little tune called “This Little Light of Mine” by Manchester based LZ7…

I have to admit I thought it was some cheesy tune which I kinda hoped would go away.

It was then released as single… I pushed my head in the sand, smiled politely when people mentioned it at church,  and generally hoped it would go away.

I’m not sure what I was thinking, I cant remember my thought processes  as I downloaded the video onto the laptop I take to youth club… but it was there. The video was still there the other evening when one of the guys at youth club was exploring the “videos” folder… before I knew it, he was dancing to the tune, talking to me about break dancing, and wanting it to be played again later that evening.

What do I know about what’s cool?  Obviously not much.

What have you found uncomfortable or felt to be rubbish, but your youth club has seemed to love?

How do you make sure you’re in tune with “whats in” with your young people?

Have you also noticed how much the lead singer dude looks like a young Gordon Ramsay?

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