Weekly Round Up: The Will It Blend Edition

Bit of a mixed bag this week, its a bit of a blended mix if you will:

A while ago, a number of bloggers were watching with their head in their hands as the SPCK chain of bookshops were sold to St Stephen the Great Charitable Trust. This move led to a number of tragic tales coming from the former chain of book stores. “The Watcher” has provided a handy reminder that the saga isnt over yet. In the interests of fair play, please feel free to check out the St Stephen The Great homepage.

Did you hear the joke about the guy that said he was going to blow up Robin Hood airport? The joke itself wasn’t funny, but the punchline is actually quite serious. Crimperman asks if Twitter is now a place where humour should be avoided?

BMS World Mission have announced their new website, it looks pretty but could the blogs were updated more often?

And finally… (for the Doctor Who fans out there)… Can a Dalek blend?

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  1. Thanks for this. Felt I ought to point out that the St Stephen the Great website to which you’ve linked is not the SSG website set up by the Brewers. I’ve no idea who owns/controls the domain now — a whois query via nominet gives the owner’s address as Doncaster — but it’s almost certainly not the Brewers: most likely some parasite who picked up the domain when the Brewers lost it and the Charity Commission’s Interim Manager didn’t bother to renew it.

    I have an archive of the original site available if anyone wants a copy for reference: .waff file, 4MB: Internet Explorer for Mac.

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