Only one name per group please!

Imagine a world where no two churches are allowed to have the same name. If a second church opens with the same name, then one church will sue the other for the right to use that name.

So there would only one “St Peters Church”, only one “City Community Church”, and yes. Only one “Baptist Church”.

The same rules apply to youthgroups, housegroups, and any other ‘groups’.

Want to know what I’m on about?

Well check out: – the website for a Christian youth television company based in America. – the website for a Church youth group.

The cease and desist letter that one has sent the other…

Shout out to Dave Walker for bringing this to peoples attention.

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  1. I’ve looked at both Steelroots US and Steelroots UK and can instantly tell that the UK one is not connected in any way shape or form with the US one.
    And I can tell that it’s a local grassroots project, not a multinational one aimed at flogging tat.
    I think the heavy-handed tactics of INI is appalling and decidedly unChristian. They should have at least started with a polite ‘did you realise you’re infringing on our trademark?’ letter.

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