Is there hope for Russell Brand?

So is there hope for the loud and kinda crazy Russell Brand?

No mention of Jesus, but this is an interview worth watching – if for no other reason, he at least tries to show himself in a different light to the show we normally get to see.

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  1. Interesting and yet worryingly accurate point Russell Brand makes on society “no one cares about religion any more…because we’ve been fed this grey sludge of celebrity glittered up and package and lacquered and sent directly into our brains by the media…”.
    Good thing is Jesus still cares about society, people and Russell Brand!

  2. I cant help but be worried that Russell Brand for just one moment became a social commentator on the state of religion in this country.

    Maybe the fact we’ve listened and are discussing what he’s said backs up his own comments?

  3. Rather than focusing on the shadow on the wall, look at the source of the light.

    Loved that bit….would love to one day hear more about his faith/beliefs as he talks of belief in God and a level of encounter between himself and God.

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