Do you have experience of Soul?

Recently I’ve been pondering over the “Soul” section of the Christianity Explored. Now I think it looks quite glossy and almost cool. Has anyone out there got experience of using this DVD in their youth club? Would it be suitable to a bunch of young teens who struggle with staying still, and dont really want to hear about God?

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  1. Yes!
    Very serious, no cheesy jokes or tacky puns etc.
    Each episode is short enough to keep their attention and long enough to communicate meaningful truth.
    It’s working well with our youth group anyway.

      1. Hi Pete.

        Short Answer. Not Really!

        Long Answer. We have up to 15 young teens that come along. We possibly may have two that come along to church. Most of them aren’t fans of “Paying Attention to someone talking” – so we’ve found videos to be a great attention grabber!

        In fact we’ve found the above clip to be useful, we showed the clip and simply asked the young people (to write down on paper their answer to) “Do you believe in God, if not why not?”.

        A great discussion starter that – I think laid foundations for later conversations.

        Cheers for your comment -and sorry for going on!

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