How to Update Twitter from WordPress

Sorry for the techie post, but I wondered if one or two people out there may find this useful.

If you’re looking for a nice easy way to push blog updates from WordPress to your Twitter account, I would suggest you give a try. Its so simple, theres not much to write in a “how to”.

The only thing you need to watch out for, is that you need your blogs RSS feed. This can be found normally by clicking on the RSS link on your blog page, or try going to .

The downside is that your blog doesn’t update twitter automatically, but it can be set to check for fresh updates every 30 minutes.


The Christian New Media Awards

Well we figured it would be a giggle to enter the Best Newcomer award.

We were kinda guttered to see the “extra information” bit clear as soon as we hit submit – but never mind.

Hey if we get an invite we’ll send a roving reporter along to get the inside scoop!

What is The Christian New Media Awards?

Twitter Test

Please ignore this.

We’ve been having problems with the WordPress plugin – “Twitter Tools” since Twitter introduced some changes, so we’re trying something else!