Nayara Goncalves – The worlds best preacher?

Imagine the scene.

You’re at the shop where you work. You’ve worked there for a while, in fact you’re the manager. The week was the same as normal, you went to church on the Sunday, you go back to work on the Monday. Its now the Friday and church is just about a distant memory.

As you’re about to slide deep into the same day to day routine, this guy with a mask on comes in. He has a gun. He’s asking for money.

Do you:
A) Duck and run.
B) Give the dude what ever he wants… knowing you’ll probably have to make up the shortfall.
C) Talk to the guy about Jesus.

If you choose C, you might be considered insane, and to be honest no one on the sofa is suggesting you should give it a go. So all credit to Nayara Goncalves from Florida who spent 5 minutes talking to the above mentioned masked guy about Jesus. He ended walking out, after apologising, saying the gun was a replica and explaining why he was doing what he was doing.

While part of me thinks she was crazy, she not only defused the crazy and possibly dangerous situation, but the news of what Jesus can do is being reported around the world.

Nayara Goncalves. We salute you!

BBC News

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