Church Service Announcement

Its a Church Service Annoucement.

Not a public service announcement.

I’m not sure if a random member of a public would want a Holy Kiss.

Indeed. I might still be getting over it myself.

But my point being, and the random thought that passed my mind was – that wasn’t exactly the most covid safe moment in my Church going like.

(Yes I know “Covid safe” wasn’t a thing back then!)

The Church Sofa Weekly Round Up

I dont know about you but this week seemed to have gone by in a bit of a blur – like super quick. Every weekish, Sofa does a round up of Christian / Church internet…

And… well. this round up – its a bit self indulgent.

This weeks round up is completed to the back drop of UCB1.

Christian Twitter likes talking about the radio.

Ok heres the self indulgent bit.

It appears that someone in the CofE said something about how the church should talk the language of radio 2 – not radio 3. This prompted at least one out burst from a radio 3 listener… and well… people started talking what radio stations they listen to. Prompting this poll from the Sofa. (I did say this was self indulgent)

Considering the amount of people who responded about other options, I guess the lesson is that there are more than just “two voices” out there.

Personally I like prefer listening to podcasts.

And Doctor Who audios.

This Is No White Jesus.

Meanwhile. Over In An American Church


If you’ve got a ticket for Church tomorrow. Remember. Play nice (ideally two meters way from others)

The Blessing. Another version.

First. There was “The Blessing”, then there was “The Blessing UK”, and well… various upon various versions of that song.

Good that they all are.

As God breathed as they all are.

This. I feel, is THE BLESSING for us all .