The Christmas Parenting Woes of Mary.

All parents have some parenting woes of some shape or form. For most it’s a case of NEVER SLEEPING, for Mary I guess it was a slightly different set of woes she had to put up with when Jesus was born.

  • Many, many, unexpected guests.
  • Joseph nipping our with the shepherds to wet the baby’s head.
  • The place (presumingly) looking like a mess.
  • Drafty barn type accommodation.
  • Dealing with a Talking Donkey.
  • Possibly still fielding questions about the timing of the birth / marriage.
  • Just as she’s just getting used to parenting, a bunch of “wise men” appear.
  • That kid still flipping drumming.
  • Wanting nappies as a gift… and getting myrrh.
  • Wondering if the smell was baby or animal.

I guess I’m thankful we didn’t have to put up with a little drummer boy when Little Sofa was born.

Last Minute Christian Christmas Present Ideas!

Newsflash! Its almost Christmas! Have you got all the Christmas presents you need yet? Do you have anyone at Church you want to get a present for, but you’re struggling for ideas of what to get?  Here is our list of last minute Christian Christmas Present ideas to help you out! (Affiliate Links are below)

Jesus Drink Markers! 

They may not turn water into wine, but it seems that Jesus can help you keep an eye on which glass of wine is yours. The product description calls Jesus your drinking buddy, which still sounds like a good thing

Find it over on Amazon

The Jesus Family Snow Globe.

Snow Globes are Christmas. Well they are around Sofa HQ, and we have to admit. Baby Jesus with Mary and Joseph are VERY Christmas. Why not combine the two into a snow globe?

Or at least a water ball… from Amazon. (I’m presuming thats the same as a snow globe).

Wish Jesus A Happy Birthday…

Wish Jesus a Happy Birthday EVERYWHERE you go, with this jumper / sweater thing. Amazon even has a load of different colours

The Cuddly Jesus!

Perhaps you’re look to give a Church kid something… Jesus like?

Perhaps you’re looking to give something… soft?

Combine the two and give a Jesus Soft Toy!

Could be worth a cuddle?

What would you add to this list of Christian Christmas Presents?

Non Church – Christmas Carol Places…

As long term readers could possibly guess, I occasionally find Christmas Church services kinda… samey. Awesome, but you kinda know what you’re getting with a carol service. Then your church hosts a carol service in the local Ikea. 

Makes me wonder, where should Church people sing Christmas Carols, outside a Church building?

  1. A random shop in town. If tuneful enough, put out a collection box or something. Turn it into busking for the Church Roof Fund.
  2. A Football Stadium. Do it at the same night as your local Uni CU, and claim the crowd as your own.
  3. A pub. Be filled with the spirit this Christmas…
  4. Your local Ikea. Because Ikea meatballs and chocolate are awesome. Please note. Don’t have the meatballs with the chocolate. 
  5. A Stable. With animals. And animal smells.
  6. A busy train station. Because no one needs, yet more people on the platform, like a stressed commuter.
  7. The local garden centre. You could hide and sing amongst the Christmas Tree’s.
  8. Public Toilets. Flash mob and carol singular toilet cubical. Wait for someone to push the cubical open before you all start singing. 
  9. A lift. Fit a tiny band, in a lift. Encourage people to join in the carols as they travel between floors. 
  10. Randomly start singing Christmas Carols in your local supermarket. Perhaps something like this? 

Do you have any ideas to add?