When The Daleks Met Jesus (Or Something)

I dont know how I came across this. But it seems there was an art exhibition a while back which featured Daleks painted into nativity type scenes.

After complaints from local Christians in Cornwall, it seems the exhibition simply moved up to Cardiff – the spiritual home of Doctor Who.

I wonder if I have enough Lego to recreate more Bible scenes with Doctor Who characters?

Check out The Spectator for more information.

How To Do Church This Week

woman having a video call

Its a weekend in Lockdown. For many of us weekends include Church on the Sunday. During a pandemic, the act of going to a church building is far more complicated then ever.

Therefore may I present the Church Sofa List of Ways To Do Church during 2021:

  1. Put it on YouTube.
  2. Put it on YouTube, join in with the comments.
  3. Arrange to watch an online service at the same time as other Christians. Perhaps chat on WhatsApp at the same time.
  4. All gather via on Zoom, chat, pray, read a bible verse, talk about that bible verse.
  5. Give the national C of E “Daily Hope” number a call – 0800 804 8044
  6. Ask if you local church has a number to dial into.
  7. Give someone a call / drop them a message to say hi.
  8. Watch it on Facebook Live, join in with comments, share the video onto your feed?
  9. Live near someone from Church? How about dropping a card / chocolate / cake around?

Any other ideas?

Church News Sheet of The Month

Our secret reporter Matthew has forwarded us an advance copy of the new church news letter from from St Judes in The Marshes.

I for one will be looking forward to learning how to make coffee taste like church at home.

I wonder what the next issue will cover?