What Crazy Biblical Thing Is Going To Happen Next?

Lets face it. When History student study the 2020, its going to be a chapter that is compared with Biblical events. With massive fires, near world wars, and an actual-still-on-going-plague, people mustn’t be blamed if they are wondering “whats next?”


Spin the wheel.

Find out what crazy biblical thing is going to happen next…


Now this is also something nice.

If you’ve been anywhere near Christian music for a while, there’s a slim chance you may have heard “The Blessing”. A number of UK Churches got together for “The UK Blessing” a few weeks back, which Sofa commented was a “something nice”. (Actually Sofa thinks “The Blessing” is turning into one of those songs that God was involved in writing for a moment of time, but anyway…)

This is The Makaton UK Blessing.

A Christian Work From Home Schedule

Hello brave new world. Well I say “new world”, we’ve been all living with this weird lock down for a while, and lets face it – some parts of this lockdown life may well stay with us for a while. Such as Working from Home, which begs the question, How should a Christian Work from Home Schedule look like?

9am. Prayer Time.

Thats it.

Anyone complains, quote Luke 10:38-42 at them*.

*No. Dont do this. You’ll get sacked. With good reason.

Zoom Church this week?

One of the great things I’ve found of 2020 is the different approaches people are taking to Church online, be it broadcasting on Youtube, Facebook Live shows, or Zoom meetings…

Those who do Church services on Zoom. Do they look anything like this?