Life Explored. A Question.

For those who have done, or know about the Life Explored Course, I have a question.  I don’t mean to be sarcastic, sardonic, or cheeky, (All things I’ve been called, and possibly with good reason), but I have an actual real question.

What is this about?

Maybe I totally under planned the session I led, but I don’t get it… Our housegroup wondered if it was meant to be something about Adam and Eve, but we couldn’t quite work out how.

(If you’ve not heard of Life Explored, I’ve been told its a  bit like Christianity Explored, but I’m not sure in what way.)

The Christianity Exam. The Second Paper.

What if… You joined a new Church, but before you were allowed to settle there, you had to prove you were a Christian? What they ask you questions about the Bible? Would they make you sit an exam about Bible things, to prove you’re a Christian?

We wondered last year what a Christian Exam Paper would look like… but what if you managed to pass that?

What would a second Christian Exam Paper look like?

How about something like this?

The Christianity Exams have been inspired by this BBC Report, into how Christian converts seeking asylum into the UK are treated by the Home Office.