Skillet – Back From the Dead *

The new video from Skillet – Back From the Dead. Otherwise entitled, Skillet versus zombies, in a video that could be a new sequel for 28 days later.

*I used to call posts like this “Random Music Moment”, but the title just felt a little long.

DC Talk have an announcement…

DC Talk. The American Christian Rock band from the 1990s are back!

After their split up intermission which led to the band going their separate ways, they are coming back together.

Is it a new CD? Is it a one off concert? Is it a live show streamed online?

Check out the video below to find out what it is….

You can go on a cruise with DC Talk, with tickets (it seems) costing from $998.

The reactions on Twitter are kinda interesting:


What’s your reaction?

Or has “the intermission” gone on for so long that no one really cares?