The Prayer Booth For Nervous Passengers At Stuttgart Airport

The Pray o Mat Prayer Booth

Back in 2012, The Sofa looked at a Prayer booth installed for nervous students at Manchester University*. Well it seems the prayer booth has gone on tour, and is now being installed at Stuttgart Airport in Germany. Perfect for nervous airplane passengers just before take off!

According to

A spokesman for Stuttgart Airport’s told Associated Press (AP) its third terminal has a new prayer booth. There are 300 prayers from various religions in 65 different languages available.

Johannes Schumm, the airport’s spokesman, said: “Often, passengers still have a bit of time before their departure at the gate.

“The prayer booth is an offer by the airport’s chaplains to provide a moment of contemplation.”

The former photo booth includes the Christian Lord’s Prayer and American TV preachers on the touch-screen display.

The booth is free of charge and will be available for three months at Stuttgart Airport’s boarding area next to Gate 310.

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We one appearing in Manchester a few years ago, and now one in Germany, I wonder if there is just the one Prayer Booth which tours around the place, or if there’s a small army of Prayer Booths around the world?

*In fact I’ve used the photo from Manchester above.

A Church Lunch – How To Survive It When You Are Gluten Free

Picture the scene. You’re at a Church Lunch, or one of many other buffet style lunches that happen, and you spot how it appears to be a bit like Subway. As in loads of meat, and loads of bread rolls. And it all looks amazing.

Imagine you’re gluten free… which means you cant eat wheat based products. So no bread, pizza, or beer for you.

Well, how do you do deal with this?

May we present a handy flow chart guide showing how to survive a Church lunch, when you’re gluten free.


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