How To Arrange Seats In Church

Normally when this blog discusses Church seating arrangements, it is in the context of arguing between the use of chairs or Church pews.

Today, I’d like to present the above diagram, showing how seats can be arranged in Church.

As you can see, the seats are presented in a semicircle, giving the speaker a fantastic chance to engage with as many people as possible.

It also means that preschoolers can wave and shout hello at each other during the service.

How do you arrange you seats in church, and why is that a silly move?

(Yes the above diagram was indeed written on the back of a Church Notice Sheet, during a church service.

Can you spot the moment when I felt I should stand up during worship?)

When Church Choirs Sing For America?

A number of Southern Baptist church choirs sang a song entitled “Make America Great Again”  at a Donald Trump rally on Saturday, which appears to have been hosted by  the First Baptist Dallas Church

“Make America Great Again,” was Trump’s campaign motto when he was campaigning to become President.

Personally I always thought that America was kinda great, except I’m now struggling with America needing a song about being great… AGAIN.

Can anyone explain why this song is a thing for me please?

(Update) This is now a CCLI Licensed Christian Worship Song, therefore this is part of the database of worship songs that people sing in Churches.

Does this mean that there are churches now singing “us more then other churches  please Lord?” Isn’t the Church meant to be one family, not separated by different countries / languages etc?

UCB Radio here in the UK are asking how political churches should be, shouldn’t political opinions should begin with themes such as, the homeless, the hungry, and looking after the fatherless and the widow. But some would just call me a left leaning liberal, so what do I know?

Read more over at  and With thanks to @paulhucb.