Daily School Worship?

From the BBC News website:

Children at Mile Oak Primary School near Brighton

Many state schools in England are not providing group worship, despite legislation making it a requirement, a survey suggests.

The Comres survey for BBC local radio found 64% of the 500 parents questioned said their child did not attend daily acts of collective worship.

But 60% of the 1,743 adults asked said the legislation should not be enforced.

Some schools were opting to teach pupils about community rather than religion, said educationalists.

The Department for Education states that all maintained schools in England must provide a daily act of collective worship which must reflect the traditions of this country, which it says are, in the main, broadly Christian.

So it seems that schools are in the firing line again, but not due to failing maths, or English. Its due to some of them not providing a daily act of worship.

Now. I’m not what to think of this. While on one hand I do like the idea of schools and particulary “Christian” schools being open to a Christian message, I’m also very aware of how dull and boring some assemblies were – that I remember sleeping in. Some I simply avoided altogether…  Deciding just to hide around the school.

With that in mind, I did once go to “The Eucharist” to avoid having to go to an assembly…


Where do you stand on this?

Should schools do more to have a daily time of worship?

Should Christians be more worried about the worship time being relevant?

Should we simply not care?

Y-walk for Exeter YMCA

ThisAndy of TheChurchSofa is going to be walking 15 miles across Dartmoor (for those of you who don’t know a very big, fairly empty place, with giant rocks and things in the way, otherwise known as moorland) this Saturday (10th September).

You may be wandering why anyone would do this, well it’s to raise money for the work of Exeter YMCA, the charity that ThisAndy works for. Exeter YMCA work with homeless and vulnerable young people in and around Exeter as well as working in prisons and the unemployed. As I’m sure you’re aware 15 miles is a long way and a lot of it is uphill 🙁 so if you’d consider sponsoring ThisAndy to do it that would be great and make it feel a lot more like a worthwhile activity.


If you want to sponsor Andy please click here  http://www.justgiving.com/Andy-Hood0

Or if you would like to know more about Exeter YMCA or the Ywalk event please click here http://exeterymca.org.uk/


All the money raised on Y-Walk will go directly to Exeter YMCA’s work in helping homeless young people in Devon. Youth homelessness is on the rise and by sponsoring ThisAndy to take part in Y-Walk you can be part of the solution. Through your support, Exeter YMCA is able to provide 14,000 nights accommodation a year to vulnerable young people. We also provide tailored support, helping our young people to overcome the problems which have blighted their pasts. Finally, we equip our young people to lead positive, happy and fulfilling futures.

Weekly RoundUp: The Busy Edition

Busy… busy week in the blog world this week:

  • Jesus Needs New PR gets upset… but to be honest, I didn’t even finish watching the video in question…
  • The “Church” discussion continues at The Big Bible.
  • @bigdaddywhale asks a question
  • Did you know that youth pastors aren’t real missionaries?
  • David Keen wonders if The Doctor gets religion?
  • Mike Peatman has been blogging on his Greenbelt memories
  • … and finally… Want to see more from the churchsofa?  Andesmedia looks at social media / digital world, as well as looking at other projects we may get involved with.  Its very early days, but please shout if something doesn’t seem to be working!

What is “The Grace”

Every now and then in Church circles, people may hear the words “The Grace” used. Now “The Grace” may refer to one of a few different options:

  1. A prayer that people say before eating food. The length of this prayer varies depending on how thankful they are, and how much longer they can wait before eating.
  2. That hot lass down the road.
  3. The part of the service where people stand and look around smiling at each while saying the following prayer based on 2 Corinthians Chapter 13

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,
and the love of God,
and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit
be with us all,
now and evermore.

No its (probably) not written down anywhere …