The Weekly Roundup: The Nooooooooooooooo Edition

Heres the random collections of bits and pieces that makes up this weeks roundup:

Random Quote Moment


“Well, who else is there? I mean you lot, all you do is eat chips, go to bed and watch telly, while all the time underneath you there’s a war going on.”
The Doctor

Taken from “Rose”.

Reminded me of the youth club for some reason…

What Is This Twitter Thing?

Ok. I know that alot of our guests on the church sofa have met us on Twitter… but a fair few people also don’t seem to know a lot about it…

Well here’s a couple of links for you:

The Big Bible Project presents a guide to #Twitter for Christians. It ranges from discussing how the Church embraces new technology, to how Twitter is used.

Once you’ve given that a read – DigiMission guides you through signing up for a Twitter account!

If you do decide to sign up for Twitter account don’t forget to follow us!

The Weekly RoundUp: The Silly Social Media Edition

Well its been a quiet week on the Sofa – mostly because we’ve not had a chance to sit on it much.But we’ve still been watching…Here’s some of the best blogs / websites we’ve found this week: