Have You Taken The Salvation Challenge?

What is the Salvation Challenge Board Game?

Well according to Amazon:

Each player has one million in kingdom cash. The players get saved by landing on Calvary and making the salvation call, “Jesus save me.” After getting saved the players enter a race to see who can be the first to give all of their cash to missionaries to further advance God’s Kingdom. The winner of the game is the first player to get saved and then give all of their cash to missions.

Sounds complicated? Maybe?

Sound fun to you?

(h/t Christian Nightmares )


Weekly Roundup: The Almost Christmas Edition


Its the first weekend of December. Is it Christmas yet?

Anyway… getting on with it:

The Man Drawer: What’s underneath?

 Recently we decided to redo our kitchen, we did it in several stages, first we did the cabinets and changed the doors and the floor…the things that make a big difference very quickly. When we moved into the house we had some lovely disgusting tiles in the kitchen that until recently have still been there. A couple of weeks ago I ripped them off the wall…that was fun!

But what I found behind was some plaster that was fantastic and in brilliant condition, some plaster that had crumbled away and some walls that didn’t even have any plaster on them in the first place. So today I got to try my hand at plastering, I redid the bits that were crumbling and put some onto the wall that had never had any. And no, I’m afraid it doesn’t look quite as good as what that man is doing 🙁

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The Original Christmas PhotoBlog

A long time ago… Well last Easter, inspired by the Easter Live event hosted by Share Creative, we presented an Easter Play starring members of the Star Wars Universe. Where members of the Rebel Alliance, and the Evil Empire joined forces to tell the Easter story.

Yes it was crazy, but it was good fun. It also inspired us to maybe do something for Christmas…

Inspired by comments at #cnmac11 inviting us to “tell a story”; we’ve decided to do exactly that, and tell the Christmas story through using a photoblog.

Our aim is to go some way to answering: If Christmas happened now, in modern day England… What would it look like?

Join us, either at the Christmas Photoblog website, or follow it on Twitter.

Ten iOS Apps To Keep You Connected and Entertained


I’ve found myself at a random train station, with time to kill before the train comes. I’ve got my iPhone, a random old newspaper, and mobile reception. Well I’ve read that newspaper a few times know, and I’ve got a #digidisciple post to write, so I figured I’d introduce you to my current top ten iOS apps to keep you sane and connected while travelling.

The great news is – most of these apps are free!


The mobile app is widely thought of possibly the best way to access the webs newest social network, with a “nearby”  function built into it that enables you to connect with people local to you. Check this article out by @asaltbde which looks into Google Plus in a little more depth.



The official Facebook app, nuff said really…



There feels like a million different Twitter apps, but what makes this different and worth paying for? Quite simply; its easy to use, packed full of funtions, beautiful to look at, and its stable. If you use Twitter on a regular basis, this is worth the couple of quid.


Met Office

Are you likely to get wet when you’re out and about?



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The Weekly Roundup: The #1stManStanding Edition

Welcome to this weeks round up: