Down the pub

The Church Sofa were down the pub the other night, and we had a wondering.

Should we invite anyone else along?


So. This is us putting it out there: Does anyone fancy a Church Sofa Tweetup*?


We’re going to be hanging out (hopefully on the sofas) in The Mill On The Exe, in Exeter, on Monday 28th November from 8pm.

If you wanna come along tweet us @thechurchsofa or look out for two guys looking like they’re checking Twitter every two seconds… I may even bring Elvis The Alien out for a trip out…

*We dont have to refer to it as a Church Sofa Tweetup really…

Weekly Round Up: The Teddy Bear Edition

Well, over the last few months the weekly round up has moved from Fridays – to Saturdays… Well…

Welcome to the Sunday based weekly roundup:

Weekly Round Up: The Simpsons Saturday Edition

Hello Weekend.

I missed you.

Here’s some of what we found this week:

  • Kevin DeYoung asks “Dude where’s your bride?“. Harsh comments, or wise words?
  • Chris Kidd highlights this story about the CofE withdrawing funding from ISPs due to lack of action over Internet Porn. Any suggestions on best way to police it?
  • The BigBible have published a great monthly round up.
  • Nick Baine’s looks at the art of “playing the game“.
  • … and finally… The Simpsons look at Creationism