Ten New Ways To Put Off The Preacher.

For those times which you feel compelled to misbehave, we’re proud to present; 10 Ways to put off the preacher / speaker:

  1. They’ve dressed smart! You never see them that smart. Point and laugh before he goes up the front
  2. He’s shaved. Every time he looks at you… Stroke your beard. If you have a beard.
  3. Does he have his phone on silent? Text him… Find out…
  4. Silent. Deadly.  See if it reaches the speaker.
  5. Remember that large phone from Trigger Happy Tv? That.
  6. Wear masks during the sermon. Claim you’re joining #OccupyTheSermon movement.
  7. Every time the speaker looks at you. Wink.
  8. Keep an eye on the football scores, hold up score cards during the service.
  9. Have a child in need of winding, and may possibly spit up? Pass the kid over to the speaker to sort just before the service…forget the cloth…
  10. Preaching from an iPad? Tweet him / her… See what happens
Team Church Sofa are not responsible for anything that may or may not happen as a result of any of the above actions!

The Man Drawer

Lately whilst chilling out on The Church Sofa (read pub) we’ve been discussing The Man Drawer. It’s come about as ThisAndy a while back was asked to get involved in Men’s Ministry in the church. After a very very long time and finally giving up on trying to find a reason not to he said yes.

We thought that it might be good to have some stuff on The Church Sofa that goes alongside this. So whether you’re a man, you know a man, have heard of ‘man’ or simply are not a man keep reading.

The Man Drawer is hopefully going to link in with a lot of the other content on the site…particularly Simpsons Saturday, Noticeboards and Beer. Or maybe some other more spiritual type content as well. But the whole idea is to look at some of the things that might be a challenge for men in the church, it might touch on some of the recent social media discussions about the ‘feminisation of worship song’ for example. And hopefully will be a place for us to challenge ourselves as well as you around how we can be better men of God.

We’d love this to be a discussion and to look at the things that you want us to so if you have any ideas for content in this please let us know either by twitter @TheChurchSofa, facebook or email.

Weekly Roundup: The Silly Idea Edition

Here’s some of what we’ve been reading this week:

Fan Mail

We’ve been included as a BCC on the following email:

Good Day,

 This is Carl Harrison and I will like to order ( Church Pews ). 
Do get back to me with the types and prices for the ones you do
carry and let me know if there is an extra cost when using visa 
or master Card.Kindly get back to me with your name Are you 
the sales manager or the Owner?

 Best Regards.
 Carl Harrison

Now, looking at the email address that this was intended for; I’m a little unsure of replying directly. But Carl, if you’re reading this – we dont actually sell Church Pews. Yes we’ve done some research into them before, but (apart from the one time we helped someone out on ebay) we’ve never sold them.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Why the Exeter Cathedral Green?

From The BBC Website:

Occupy camp at Exeter Cathedral is copycat, says bishop

Protesters on Exeter Cathedral Green

Protesters who are camping outside Exeter Cathedral have been branded as “copycats” by the bishop.

The Rt Rev Michael Langrish said he sympathised but felt protesters were “not going about it in the right way”.

Campaigners, including members of Occupy Exeter, have erected tents on Cathedral Green. Bishop Langrish said they were copying protesters in London.

Those camping in the capital and Exeter are supporting a global movement against inequality and corporate greed.

In Exeter, campaigners have camped along one of the cathedral’s walls, but are not blocking the entrance.

Bishop Langrish said: “I am very sympathetic to the questions they are raising, they are important questions.

“I am not convinced they are going about it in the right way. Looking around the green, where are the financial institutions?”


Read more on the BBC Website

Now. I’m not exactly the Occupy Movements number one fan, but I cant help but think that Bishop Michael possibly misses the point a little.

Its not really Cathedrals that the Occupy guys are aiming at, but they camp at areas that will get them noticed. The group camped outside St Pauls are only there because its the nearest highy visible spot to the London Stock Exchange, The Occupy Plymouth group are based at Drakes Circus, The Exeter group are at the Cathedral Green… well where else would you go? Its possibly the most visible, most pleasant part of Exeter, its near businesses, banks, and they’re now on the cathedrals agenda.

Where else would a protest camp go?

Oh. And to answer the Bishops question “Looking around the green, where are the financial institutions?” Unless he’s been misquoted, he’s missing the bank right in front of the Cathedral Green…

  • Are the Occupy Groups just copycats?
  • Is there a significance in camping around cathedral’s?
  • How is this going to end? When will be time to go home?
EDIT: Also mentioned in The Telegraph