The ‘Pray-o-mat’

The Pray o Mat Prayer Booth

In Manchester?

Need a photo booth to pray in?

This could be the answer:

The Pray o Mat in Manchester

According to the Daily Mail:

Instead of waiting for a service at a local church or temple, worshippers can now pop into a ‘Pray-o-mat’ and pick up a blessing.

Believers can follow their faiths in a whole new frame of mind by saying their prayers in this ‘church’ made from an old photo booth.
Instead of paying £5 for a set of four passport snaps, people can now use the touch screen inside the converted booth to listen to up 300 pre-recorded prayers and incantations in 65 different languages.

As well as the Lords Prayer, there are Buddhist and Islamic benedictions; Aborigine devotional songs,Voodoo blessings and solemn chanting of an orthodox Jewish congregation.
Even Tom Cruise is catered for, with five minutes of Scientology prayers included too in the booth.

Users will step into the booth named the ‘Pray-o-mat’, scroll through a menu and make the selection on the touch-screen – before donating money in a nearby slot.

Read more at the Daily Mail (I personally love the voice over on the video)

Now this is part of a research project, so lets not take this to seriously, but can you imagine yourself using this?

If so, would you be able to take it seriously?

Can we expect to see technology automating, what would normally be a Church experience, more in the future? 

(hat tip to @@IdleHistorian)

Have you seen the Salvation Yo Yo?

Salvation YoYo - Not to be confused with a Christian Yo Yo... or a normal yo yo...

Salvation YoYo - Not to be confused with a Christian Yo Yo... or a normal yo yo...So. The Salvation Yo Yo…

Its not to be confused with a Yo Yo.
Or a Christian Yo Yo…

Its also more then a fun toy… according to the website:

Each Salvation Yo Yo is hand made and individually inspected for quality craftsmanship. Made of yarn, the five colors are carefully woven together to form the ropes and colored balls of the yo yo. These are held together by a sturdy suede leather handle with a cross embroidered on it.
Through this design, it is simple to share the Gospel in a clear and concise.
The colors represent: God (Gold ball), New Life (Green ball), Sin (Black string), Sins washed away (White string), Jesus Christ (Red handle with a white cross), Jesus’ sacrifice for us is represented by the two red strings leading from the cross connecting God (Gold ball) to the New Life (Green ball) available to all those who believe in the saving grace of Jesus.


Salvation Yo Yo