Do you want to meet a Savior (Not a snowman…)

What if, Ana didn’t ask Elsa if she wanted to build a snowman?

What if, Ana spoke to Else about Jesus instead?

Would it have saved a lot of hassle?*

*With that in mind, if Elsa hadn’t gone all ice crazy, then she would had never made Olaf. Which would have been sad.

Jesus In A Log Fire

He’s appeared in a toilet, toast, a receipt ,a Nintendo, a spot of grease, a landslide, a pregnancy scan,  a red arrows show, a toilet, a drinks cabinet, a spot of grease, a water fountain, a pizza, and even a smoke cloud*… and now.

Now it seems that Jesus has also appeared in a log fire!

More information is over at The Telegraph.

Have you found Jesus in the flames recently?