Fit In At Church This Christmas, And Speak Christianese!


Its Christmas! As such, you may find yourself at more Church things then normal.

“Church things” include activities such as Christmas Carol Services,  homegroups, homegroup socials, nativity plays, Carol Services, normal church services, and nativity plays – possibly with livestock. (I realise I may have mentioned a few things twice there)

My point? There’s a lot of Church stuff there. What if you don’t really understand what Christians say?*

Well, you may find this helpful…

*There may be a new idea for a series of posts in the New Year, right there.

Donald Trump – Saying Merry Christmas… Again?

Donald-Trump-We're going to start saying Merry Christmas again.

A couple of days ago, Donald Trump updated his Twitter account with the following

The sight of Donald Trump wishing people Merry Christmas, can be argued to be a throwback to his campaign trail, where he talked about making it OK for people to say “Merry Christmas again”.

Almost like no one in The White House has ever said “Merry Christmas” before…


At what point did America stop saying Merry Christmas, and what did America say before Donald Trump became in charge?


It seems that Donald Trump is “bringing Christmas back.”


Where did Christmas go, and how did Donald Trump know where to look for it?