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Reading The World Online Without Google Reader

Just in case you’re using Google Reader, and have not seen the news… Today is the last day you can use Google Reader before its officially retired. If you’re using Google Reader, there are other alternatives to help you read the world online.

Feedly seems to be a popular option. It’s an RSS Reader, like Googles old offering, but I personally find Feedly looks and acts far nicer. The addons for chrome and Firefox as well as the iPhone app are worth checking out as well. (If you need it, here’s our RSS feed)

Dear Jesus, Please forgive me for not hitting…

Dear Jesus, Please forgive me for not hitting LIKE on my friends "Hit Like if you love Jesus" post. I really do like you.

Does anyone else feel like an old cynic for not hitting like on “those” Facebook posts?

Ok so lets see. If you share Facebook messages that say (for example), “share if you love Jesus”, do you do it because you agree with the sentiment contained within the post? 

Alternatively if you dont share them, is there any reason?

Please also see “What Price is a Retweet” for a look at a similar area.

Are Christians Online, Christians Online?

The Church Sofa lads would probably say that social media plays a fairly large part of our lives, we’re regularly on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube among other things. In fact a while ago we realised that one of the main ways we communicate is through Facebook messenger or tweeting each other (a lot of The Church Sofa gets planned that way too). We’re always looking for ways to make sure that we’re doing our very best to have integrity between our personal lives, our profesional lives and our online lives and one of the key parts of that is our faith.

Three in four digital-savvy Christians in the UK use social media to chat about God, according to poll data released by Tearfund today.

The poll revealed that 74% of online UK Christians welcome the opportunity to reveal their faith on digital platforms, while the remaining 26% do not feel comfortable talking publicly about their faith online.