So I found this…

Full-Scale Noah’s Ark

Well, here’s a day out that’s possibly a little different.

Over in the Netherlands, you’ll be able to find a life size replica of Noahs Ark. Yes, like the one featured in Evan Almighty, except this one also features:

…presentations on the history of Noah, scientific background information, several paintings on the theme, movie theaters and a restaurant where you can enjoy the view over the river Merwede and the city of Dordrecht. There are also on board two large amphitheatres where various events take place such as concerts, musicals and much more.
About The Ark

I cant help but feel at least a little impressed, what do you reckon?

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Giles Fraser discussing Faith in Action

Wise words from Giles Fraser during a discussion at Greenbelt:

“We must try and move away from the idea that Christianity is all about peace and quiet… and move much greater towards a more campaigning sense of Christianity, about trying to transform the world, and that wont necessarily bring you a sense of calm or peace and quiet”

Links to the other discussions are available at youtube.