The Manchester Passion – A Soundtrack to Easter

I have to admit.

I bloomin love Manchester, to say it holds a special place in my heart is under playing it a fair bit. I spent four years at Manchester Met University, and during that time I fell in love with not just the city, but the music that seemed to be played around that area.

Soon after I left (*typical*), this rather odd sounding event was hosted in Manchester City Centre called, “The Manchester Passion”.

The Manchester Passion is simply described as an Easter Passion play set against the back drop of Manchester, with a Manchester sound.

And some lovely person has put it on Youtube:

Skillet – Back From the Dead *

The new video from Skillet – Back From the Dead. Otherwise entitled, Skillet versus zombies, in a video that could be a new sequel for 28 days later.

*I used to call posts like this “Random Music Moment”, but the title just felt a little long.

Returning To The 90s With DC Talk!

Remember when DC Talk were cool?

Remember when DC Talk summed up everything 90s in one 90s music video?

Well here is DC Talk – Jesus Is Just Alright (Does anyone else think that this is a wonderfully lukewarm sentiment?)

(Does anyone else think that this is a wonderfully lukewarm sentiment?)


Skillet -“Stars” (The Shack Movie Version)

American Christian Rock band Skillet, have recorded a reworked version of “Stars” for The Shack Movie soundtrack.

Its a bit more chilled then the original… but that’s ok…

If the name “The Shack” rings a bell, its because the movie is based on a fairly well known Christian book of the same name, that was released a few years back

The Shack. The Movie.

It looks like that book The Shack – the Christian book that seemed to be flying out of Christian bookshops a few years ago, is now becoming a movie.

Here’s the trailer, but warning. People are apparently getting upset that The Shack is portraying God as a black lady:

The Washington Post looks at some of the feedback the movie is already receiving.