An Insight into Exeter YMCA

Here’s an insight into the Exeter YMCA, and specifically the Sleepeasy event that took place in January:

So! Out of interest – If “This Andy” was to do the 2012 Sleepeasy… Would any of you be able to sponsor him?*

*Not saying he will do… just wondering if he did… would anyone be interested in helping him out?

“Everything I’ve ever learned about marketing, I learned in church”

The above is a quote from a Guardian article called “Get them while they’re young“.

Marketing? Church?


The C of E can do own goals very well – as seen in the Ben Sheward saga. Not really good marketing…

Maybe its the church websites?

Maybe this is the marketing that she has in mind?


Yes we do marketing.. probably best not to learn from it…


(thanks to Christian Nightmares for the pic)

Weekly worship bit #722

Ok so the number may be a bit off but it’s good that we set our sights high :p
Tim Hughes’ latest album has been out for a little while now, if you haven’t heard it yet I’d recommend checking it out. A CD that can truly lead you into worship.

Do You BLAB?

Well here’s something thats just appeared on our radar.

Following “Chirp – The Christian Alternative To Twitter“, it looks like MyBlab is here to join in the Christian social networking party. From the looks of it… it seems to be presenting itself as an alternative to Facebook. I cant help but wonder, why are these sites set up?

Whats so bad with Christians being part of Twitter / Facebook?

Bishop Bob’s Prayers on Facebook

Now heres something a little bit cool for a Bishop.

Bishop Bob of Crediton has relaunched his prayer page on Facebook, encouraging people to leave prayer requests for him to say on the wall.

Bishop Evens said: “People really seemed to appreciate being able to send in their prayers to me during Lent, and to know that I would say them each day. As my role takes me all over Devon, I will stop what I am doing each day – pulling over in laybys if necessary – to pray for people.”


While I do have slight concerns about people possibly looking at Bishops as having a better link to God then the rest of us*, I do feel he should be commended for trying to engage with people in this way.


*Could I be shot by the good old C of E for saying something like that?

X Factor Nakedness? Really?

<Controversial Opinion Incoming>

So the X Factor this weekend… Christina and Rihanna… what is the shock and surprise about?

Lets think about it. The X Factor is a TV ‘talent’ show aimed at courting publicity, and making money… They have two singers who are known for not being fully dressed during their performances…

What was really going to happen?

The thing that we’re really wondering is why are we so obsessed with people that we’ve never met before and that we see in miniature form doing silly things, when we still don’t know the name of our neighbour… but I suppose its easier to get rid of miniature people…