When Politicians Talk Easter

Similar to Christmas, Easter is a time where (as well as well as a load of time away from work) a number of well known people release a “Easter Message”. Normally you would expect to hear Easter messages from people like Bishops, and Popes – you know those jobs that have something to do with Easter.

But you also have political party leaders talk about Easter, and offer their own Easter Message. If this is a chance to talk about Easter, or push their own political spin… well its normally a combination of the two.

Sofa has sat down and watched / read the Easter Messages from the Conservatives, Labour, and Lib Dem Party Leaders, here they are below, and my TL:DR summaries.

When Jeremy Corbyn talks Easter

Talks about “social justice, peace, and reconciliation”, which isn’t very Eastery really.

When Tim Farron talks Easter.

From The Lib Dem website…

There was quite a fuss the other week when the National Trust was condemned for taking references to ‘Easter’ out of its publicity for a chocolate egg hunt.  This led to angry responses from some in the church and from politicians, including the Prime Minster.

It turned out that the National Trust had done no such thing and that all those who had got so cross had to wipe the chocolate egg off their faces. It was a reminder that we shouldn’t be so quick to jump to conclusions and condemn.

The thing is, even if the story had been true, did it actually matter?  I mean, I hate to break it to you, but there is no reference in the Bible to chocolate eggs or generous bunny rabbits.

I fear that what the Prime Minster and others were actually getting wound up about was the thought that the National Trust might have been airbrushing out something comfortable and traditional. And given that we are turning the clock back to the early 1970s with Brexit (or indeed the 1580s if we do end up declaring war on Spain), then nostalgia is most definitely the mood of the moment.

I’m a Christian and I am cool with you eating eggs at this time of year if you want to. I will probably have some myself.

But it isn’t what Easter is about.

Read the rest…

Reminds us that he didn’t get pulled into that thing about calling Easter Eggs… Easter Eggs. Cheeky. But he does deserve some extra chocolate for talking about Easter in a Easter message.

When Theresa May talks Easter.

Well. It sounds like we are a united country, united behind someone who grew up in a Vicarage, and we’re all embracing the opportunities the world has to offer. Oh, and Easter.

If this was X Factor… Which one would you send home? 

As Sofa was working over the Bank Holiday, I’m going to go and find some chocolate to help me digest all of that.

(Political Spin alert! I was going to get chocolate anyway)

Views of a last supper

I’ve just taken a quick straw poll*, and I’ve found that the most well known scene in the gospels in The Last Supper. (Obviously after the crucifixion, and anything to do with Christmas).

I would guess it fair to say that one reason why the scene is so well known is due to The Last Supper painting:



I figured it would be interesting to look at the other not so famous looks at The Last Supper… (Be warned, one of them is a little naughty, not very naughty, but a little naughty)

The Ordering A Very Large Table Last Supper.


The Traitors Last Supper


The Selfie Last Supper


The Doctors Last Supper


(How long is that scarf?)

The Jedis’ Last Supper


Which is your favourite last supper? 

*A straw poll of lego men… but hey…

A Soundtrack to Easter Week – The Manchester Passion

I have to admit. Manchester holds a special place in my heart. But I guess that’s what happens when you live there for four years whilst you go to university. Soon after I left (*typical*), this rather odd sounding event was hosted in Manchester City Centre called, “The Manchester Passion”.

The Manchester Passion is simply described as an Easter Passion play set against the back drop of Manchester, with a Manchester sound.

And some lovely person has put it on Youtube:

For those living in the student areas of Manchester. Please tell me The Queen of Hearts is still open?