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Happiness from BMS World Mission

Picture the situation, you’re part of a (fairly old) Christian Mission Society, and you have a healthy financial update to publish.

Do you, a: Publish another report, which people may not actually read.

Or do you, b: Release a video of your staff dancing, with the main updates included.

In the case of BMS World Mission they went with this…

Happy – The BMS financial update video 2014 from BMS World Mission on Vimeo.

I may pay more attention to finances if only there was more dancing in the world

(I imagine there is a PDF file somewhere with lots and lots of numbers for people who like that sort of thing)

Christmas Starts with Christ 2013

Does Christmas star with Christ?

Following on from what could be optimistically described as a mixed reaction to “God Baby“, the Christmas Starts with Christ team have released the 2013 campaign which we’re calling: “Does Christmas Start With…”

Quite simply, its a series of posters asking Does Christmas Start With telly Ads in October / fights in Eastenders / the office party?

We cant help its a little bit more wordy and less interesting then the God Baby campaign, but according to last years post, everybody else seemed to have hated that poster anyway.

Besides. It doesn’t matter. Everybody knows that Christmas starts with the Coca Cola Christmas Advert:

Check out or the Christmas Starts with Christ website for more information.


Shhh…. Can You hear The Silence?

With thanks to Lucy for sending me this story that I missed back in October:

Sussex church releases ‘silence’ on CD

St Peter's Church, East Blatchington

“Silence” has been recorded on to a CD and released by an East Sussex church to raise its profile and generate funds for the building.

Members of St Peter’s Church, East Blatchington, have sold their first copies at an open day, and taken orders for more.

The recording of the church’s atmosphere includes the ambient sounds of voices, footsteps and occasional background traffic noise.

Church technician Robin Yarnton said: “Mostly people have said it’s nice and they like it, and that it’s quiet and peaceful.

“It does what it says on the tin. Silence is all you get.”

Read More on BBC News.

Are there any churches you’d like to hear silence from?