Church Sofa T-Shirts

It’s new, it’s exciting and it’s almost definitely true!

The church Sofa lads are going to get some church sofa t shirts, and we need your help to design it, if you’d like to submit a design, the best one when we decide to close the competition will be turned into an actual tshirt and you will receive a signed photo of both Andy’s in their very own church sofa tshirt’s*.

You may be thinking, hold on a sec the church sofa seems reasonably well designed…these guys must be able to design a tshirt. Well this is the best we’ve come up with. And if you don’t come up with something better we’ll make this!














So you might be thinking now, but I don’t have any design software? or I don’t know how to use it?

If that’s you feel free just to let us know a catchy slogan that would either go with the church sofa logo or would be a good stand alone slogan about church.


*You dont have to have a photo unless you really want too!

On the sofa with Tom…

So you may have noticed a picture on the side of The Church Sofa about Laughing with some guy named Tom. We thought you all might like to find out a little more about who this guy is so we invited him to join us on the sofa for a while and tell us a bit more. Please sit back, relax and enjoy our interview with the man behind ‘Laughing with Tom’

If you could be any vegetable, what would you be and why?

Ooh, I think that would have to be a carrot. For no other reason than because I love carrots and houmous.

What is your favorite pudding and why? 

Banoffee pie. Taste it and see. I tell you, it’s the desert of the heavenly banquet – believe me, I’ve checked.

Are you a funny man, a magic man, a speaker man, or a preacher man? Or a combination? 

A combination – A little bit like Banoffee pie. Special.

Tell us a joke… 

Went into tesco’s and all these dwarfs were stacking shelves, I thought ‘Every little helps…’

What’s your book about?

It’s a combination of stories, both humorous and serious, illustrating quick thoughts and biblical reflections.

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Working on a Sunday?

A Story from NotAlwaysRight:

(A customer comes through my check-out line looking agitated.)

Customer: “How dare you work on a sacred day of rest!”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Customer: “Today is Sunday! Why are you here? You should be in church, you blasphemous heathen! Why are you here?”

Me: “I’m working on Sunday because there are customers that want to buy groceries on Sundays.”

(The customer immediately shut up and didn’t speak for the rest of the time I rang up his groceries).


Do you want a Church Notice Board?

Do you need to build yourself a Church Notice Board?

Have you got the need to explain to the public what you get upto?

Well ChurchCare has supplied the a number of hints and tips.

Personally I was intrigued by:

The passer-by must be able to understand the message it is conveying, and the size of the lettering is important. Many people are not now familiar with ‘churchy’ language. For example, ‘Morning Service’ may be more easy to understand than ‘Mattins’, ‘Solemnisation of matrimony’ less clear than ‘Marriages’.

‘Mattins’? I didn’t even realise that was a word..??