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10 Ways To Share The Peace.

10 Different Ways to Share The Peace In Church

Have you ever felt a bit overwhelmed by people? Particularly talking to a lot of different people at the same time? How about the extrovert festival that is “The Peace” in many churches?

Have you ever wondered if there was a different way to share “The Peace” in your church? Well we’ve put together 10 ways for you to share the peace next Sunday:

  1. Hand out cold beers, encourage people to open them mid service.
  2. Bear hug your neighbour.
  3. Time your pizza order really well.
  4. European style kiss on the cheek.
  5. Put in black contact lenses… Pretend you’re in Being Human…
  6. Dance around the hall, like no ones watching. Except everyone might be…
  7. Run around shaking hands with as many people as you can in 60 seconds (post the results below if you wish!)
  8. Introduce yourself to someone new, while pretending to be from a different country.
  9. Say hello to the person leading the service. Ask if they get lonely standing up there by themselves.
  10. Stick comedy post it notes on the back of people…

Any other ideas?

Church Housegroup Challenges

Challenges for Homegroup Leaders

Welcome to September! All around the country, Churches have homegroups starting up for a new term. All ready for a new Bible study series. But how can homegroup leaders make the bible studies more interesting?

Here are 10 challenges for Homegroup leaders in your church.

  1. Spend the entire evening speaking in a bad Russian accent.
  2. Serve mug loads of espresso, accidentally make people think it’s decaf.
  3. (If you’re hosting) Don’t tidy up before housegroup. Act like everyone is making a huge mess of your lovely place.
  4. This requires some planning in advance, but ensure any and all toys are arranged ready for a bible study.
  5. When planning, crowdsource questions for your bible study.
  6. Plan the bible study while using the The Message version of the Bible.
  7. Illustrate every question with a Simpsons video clip.
  8. Doing a session on Baptism? Throw water balloons at each other.
  9. Leading a session on Hebrews chapter 4? Lead the Bible Study naked.
  10. Lead a session on “Waiting on God”. Encourage everyone to lay down on the floor / relax on the sofa, while you play a relaxing CD. DO NOTHING ELSE IN THE EVENING!

Any more ideas?


The Bible Study Picker

Well its that time of year where Bible Study groups all around will start new Bible studies. But which Bible Study should be chosen? Ideally, a well organised Homegroup will know what they are doing before it’s too late, but we’re not here for the organised, we’re here for people who need help!

With that in mind, if you’re looking for inspiration about your next Bible Study, give this wheel a spin!

What results have you had?