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10 people you don’t want to pray for

The Church Sofa is being taken over today by Emily…

Hi, I’m Emily, I work for a charity called CWR, my twitter is @EC_Owen my dream is to travel the world writing for God’s glory – somehow?!

The upcoming event National Prayer Weekend challenges us to pray for our neighbours and communities but as much as you don’t want to admit it, some people are harder to pray for than others.

Here’s a list of people that you don’t want to pray for, but probably should:

  1. The screaming baby next door (not just so you get a good night sleep)
  2. Traffic wardens
  3. The commuter who just stole the seat you had mentally shot-gunned.
  4. The driver who hogs the middle lane on the motorway
  5. Your boss
  6. The kid playing music too loudly on the bus. Probably sniffing and chewing gum too.
  7. Politicians
  8. The dog walker who didn’t pick up after their dog (ruining your new trainers)
  9. The bloke who didn’t thank you when you held the door open for him
  10. The delivery driver you waited in all day for who arrives at 6pm without half of your order!
  11. The dentist (couldn’t resist one more)

Accept the challenge and pray for someone you wouldn’t normally think of by joining in with National Prayer Weekend or on Twitter:  @NPW_2015

Any other people you dont want to pray for? 

What price is you and your families spiritual growth?

The other day, I overheard a conversation about Christian festivals in the UK, and how much it costs to go to one in particular. In defence, someone asked the question: “What price is you and your families spiritual growth?

I figured I should do some research to find out, at what price does spiritual growth indeed cost?* (Based on 2 adults and a toddler)

What is the Price of Spiritual Growth?

Now this is all a little approximate, as some of the above festivals do offer cheaper ways to get tickets. Others – particularly towards the more pricey end of the spectrum do also offer a number of more expensive options as well.

I’ve not factored in other costs involved like petrol, food, emotional, alcohol, etc… But all the above does include accommodation for the duration of the festival. 

Its also worth noting that lower cost doesn’t equal lack of “big names”.

Anyone out there fancy taking a stab at what we can learn from all this?

*This is obviously all presuming that spiritual growth does indeed only happen at Christian Festivals.


Excuses for “Sleeping” in Church

We have busy lives, some times its difficult to stop. Sometimes we can only stop when we’re in Church… things happen, and all of a sudden it appears that we could be asleep. Particularly during the sermon.

If people accuse you of sleeping in church, heres a few reasons why you might be asleep in a church.

  1. I wasn’t asleep. I was resting in his presence.
  2. I concentrate better on what is saying, with my eyes shut.
  3. God rested on the 7th day. Why dont we?
  4. The worship tune was so poetic, it sent me into a peaceful sleep. Remind me to send a thankyou note to the worship leader.
  5. I admit it. I was asleep, but I was on a late shift last night, and the toddler woke at 4. Please be happy I’m actually here!
  6. I was casting a mental image of EVERYTHING the preacher was saying.
  7. I was praying!
  8. That wasn’t snoring, that was me humming in tongues whilst praying.

Any more excuses out there?