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Something For Sunday School Tomorrow? The Cage: A Young Children’s Guide to the Biblical Teaching on Hell

Something For Sunday School Tomorrow?

The Cage: A Young Children’s Guide to the Biblical Teaching on Hell – C. Matthew McMahon – A Puritan’s Mind from Matthew McMahon on Vimeo.

According to the video website:

Little children ought to learn all the teachings Jesus taught about in the Bible. 1/6th of everything Jesus taught about was on judgment and hell. That is a huge amount of teaching on the subject! But how do we teach our children such a hard biblical idea appropriately?
In this tastefully illustrated work that is completely in rhyme, the Bible’s teaching about hell is outlined in a very easy to understand manner. It is aimed at children 5 to 9 years old, but can certainly be read by any age. It concerns a young boy who we find is trapped in a cage called “Big Sin” and can’t escape on his own. The cage is suspended by a chain that is rusting and could break at any moment. What will our young friend do? What is he thinking about as he stands there locked away? He sees others in cages as well, some who don’t escape, and some who jump to safety as their prisons doors are opened by a mysterious key. Will our young friend get out? How will he escape THE CAGE?

Remember kids. Don’t have nightmares.

How To Be An Efficient Pastor

For some people, being a Church Pastor isn’t a job, its a calling on your life. Its a calling that can take up a lot of your time, and place strains on different areas of your life, as you seek to work out what your priorities are.

I’m not going to tell Church Pastors what their priorities should be, but I here are a list of ways I’ve been told that pastors can be truly efficient in how they serve the Lord, and their congregation.

1. Get to Church. Do the sermon. Leave during the last hymn.
2. Have standard emails you can copy and paste to people who get in touch with pastoral needs.
3. If male, don’t waste time with mums groups.
4. If female, don’t waste time with men’s breakfasts.
5. Finish any meetings dead on time. No matter how far into the agenda.
6. Ensure you are not well known for returning voice mails.
7. Allocate pastoral visits to your pastoral visit team. Ensure you are never on this team.
8. Got an invitation to lead an assembly at the local school? Save time by asking your youth worker to do it. After all the youth worker needs the experience.
9. Keep a copy of your sermon scripts. Once you’ve preached for three years, start again from year one. Its ok, no one would be able to remember all of them over the last three years.
10. Do you need to lead a prayer meeting? Explain to people that it will be a time of personal, reflective, silence. For the entire meeting.

If all else fails, buy this guy from Amazon to do some work for you:



God verses Gays? (Or something…)

Have you seen that movie, The Man That Sued God?

Well, I guess this is sort of the opposite. (Except less funny)

According to The Metro, a woman from Nebraska, America, decided to try represent God in court and sue all homosexual people…

From The Metro:

Sylvia Ann Driskell had her case thrown out by a court in Nebraska when she asked it to decide once and for all whether homosexuality was a sin.

In his summary, Judge John Gerrard said: ‘This court is not the place to seek opinions regarding theological matters; this particular forum is closed and the case will be dismissed.’

He also said: ‘To the extent that she asks for anything from the court, it is a declaration that homosexuality is sinful – a question that the court cannot answer. The court may decide what is lawful, not what is sinful’.

See The Metro to see the claim she filed at the court.

Well at least she wasn’t holding Westboro Baptist style signs all over the place I guess.

Any suggestions on anything better that Sylvia could have done with her time?