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Is Your Church a Pokemon Go Gym, or Pokestop?

Embrace it like these guys have!


Here are some other random ideas to embrace Pokemon Go… (Not sure what Pokemon Go is? You might want to read this first)

  1. Offer free wifi access.
  2. Give access to some plug sockets, Pokemon Go may be fun, but it kills battery power. Help keep innocent batteries alive!
  3. Play the game yourself! Helps you talk if you know what you’re talking about.
  4. Does anyone need a glass of water?
  5. Advertise a low key event, name a time, invite people along for bacon rolls / pizza, burn some incense*, to summon pokemon, and enjoy.

Obviously it would be worthwhile installing the game, and seeing if you are on the Pokemon Go map as anything, before you do any of the above.

There are a load more ideas here at The Wardrobe Door.

What do you think? Do you have any ideas to add?

Church Survival Kit For New Parents

A Church Survival Kit For New Parents

Have you got to the stage where you have a little version of yourself? (Otherwise known as a baby). Are you worried about what you need to keep a baby entertained in a Church service? Well this might help…

We have a selection of special tools to distract, entertain, and comfort mini-sofa, while ensuring her parents also get a chance to take part in the service.

So we’re proud to present, the “Take Your New Born / Baby to Church Survival Kit”

  1. Dummies
  2. Muslin to cover up the fact your using a dummy.
  3. Spare phone battery. Because you’ve been up for a long long time… and so has your phone…
  4. Energy drink – Because having coffee after the service is a little late.
  5. Note pad, and pen – useful for things such as funny drawings, paper plane material, and possibly sermon notes.
  6. Church Approved Toy. (Does not make noise, nor make other kids, or preacher jealous that he/she can’t play with said toy).
  7. Nappy bag – with enough nappies to last the length of the sermon.
  8. Milk bottles containing Ministry Approved Milk.
  9. Breakfast – because you were busy before the service making sure everyone else ate! Possibly a bacon roll? (Warning. People around you may be tempted to mug you for it)
  10. Push Chair. So you can race other “drivers” around the church hall.
  11. Map containing directions to nearest exit – in case of sudden ‘exit’ issues…
  12. Children’s Bible – because we all need help understanding sermons sometimes.
  13. A note in your organiser letting you know that the service is starting 30 mins earlier… you’re never going to get there on time otherwise…

Any more that we’ve missed?

Ways To Say Hello

Ways To Welcome The New Church Leader

In the past we’ve discussed ways to say goodbye to a vicar. To keep things equal, it was felt that it was only fair to spend some time pondering what happens when a new Church leader arrives at a Church.

Its never easy starting a new job somewhere, so how can a Church make their new leader feel welcome when they arrive?

Here are five ways to welcome a new Church leader.

Cook them a meal.

A little version of you.

(So they can take you everywhere they go)

Ask them to lead a Bible Study on an “Easy Passage”

And I will cause them to eat the flesh of their sons and the flesh of their daughters, and they shall eat every one the flesh of his friend

A Random Initiation Ceremony

A Really Large Bible…

What ideas do you have?


Holiday Time...

Where Christians Go On Holiday?

Welcome to the Summer! Do you have any plans for your summer holiday? If not, and if you’re still working on your holiday plans, have you stopped and prayed about where you should go on holiday as a Christian?

Have you wondered where Christians go on holiday?

Go Christian camping…

Go and Christian camp at one of the (feels like) many Christian festivals.

Hint. The easiest time to grab a shower is during the worship times.

Take a Christian Cruise…

Possibly a Jesus Freak Cruise?

(This might not be the official DC Talk video advertising the Jesus Freak Cruise)

Take a Pilgrimage

Why don’t you take a religious journey somewhere religious? Popular places include, the Holy Lands, The Vatican, Old Trafford, and Graceland.

Go to a Christian Theme Park?


Instead of going to The Holy Lands, travel to The Holy Land Experience instead!

Check out Heaven!

exeter, Devon


Ok. So this is Devon… but it rhymes with Heaven so it has to be close…


Where would you suggest for a Christian Holiday?