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America’s Hate Preachers BBC Documentary

A little bit of viewing pleasure for those who are a “fan” of Pastor Steven Anderson and his style of preaching. The BBC went out last year and put together a documentary about hate preaching in America.


Watch it for such joyful quotes such as:

Sinners that need saving from their liberal politics


Alot of Christians dont understand confrontational evangelism, because they don’t understand the nature of Jesus Christ.

And the slightly ominous observation from the documentary maker…

(They) Feel their views are under threat… the prosecuted they feel the stronger their convictions grow.

This is Pastor Steven Andersons comments about the BBC Hate Preacher documentary after it was broadcast…

While its easy for us Brits to talk about “Americas Hate Preachers”, I wonder if we see similar things but in slightly different form?

Church Team Building Exercises

One thing that Churches seem to have got right is the idea that work gets done, when its done in team. You get church welcoming teams, set up teams, preaching teams, youth teams, pastoral care teams, communication teams, coffee teams, sound teams, set up set up teams, etc.

Sofa wonders how often time is found for good old fashioned team building exercises in church, as opposed to committee style meetings? What would a team building exercise look like in a church context anyway?

Here are a few ideas.

  1. Break. Then recreate your stain glass windows using left over Sunday School craft materials.
  2. Build a tower of babel. With Lego.
  3. Who can read Psalm 119 outloud without taking a breath? Work as a team to look after anyone who faints.
  4. River crossings – See who can walk the furthest across a river.
  5. Who can preach the longest sermon?
  6. Water Drinking. How much wine can you drink before it starts to taste like water?
  7. Lightsaber Duels. The vicar can have the red one.
  8. Work out how to transport someone on a bed, through your church roof. Then do it.
  9. Build a Noah’s ark. See if it floats. Don’t bring life jackets – they show lack of faith*. If there’s a problem see number 4.
  10. Go to the pub.

Any other ideas?

*Please note, I am really joking

“Jesus Christ” wants to become the next MP for Burnley

According to this little article in The Metro, “Jesus Christ” is about to make a move into politics…

If you’ve been quietly waiting for the Second Coming, you’re late to the party.

Jesus Christ has been living fairly anonymously in Burnley.

He was reluctant to reveal his true identity, the former bus driver says, but soon realised his ability to cure the sick made him the Messiah.

Formerly known as John Edward Birtwhistle, 77-year-old Mr Christ changed his name by deed poll in 1996 after people started calling him Jesus.

Now that he has accepted his role as the Son of God, he plans to stand to be Burnley’s next MP.

Read More over at The Metro.

Parliament could be an interesting place in 2020