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10 Things You’ll Find in a Christian Garden

Good news! Winter is starting to pass. Spring is coming*. Well it may not yet be time to work on the garden, it is time to start planning how your garden could help serve the Lord.

Here are 10 things we feel should be in your garden to ensure it is a good God Serving – Christian Garden:

1. A shed that converts into a chapel.
2. A paddling pool, for casual baptisms for anyone who may visit.
3. Space for an outside Bar-B-Q, so you can host those Housegroup Summer Socials.
4. An outside non-alcoholic bar, to assist with the above.
5. An outside office, so you can concentrate on Church work, away from your busy distracting family.
6. A studio in your garage, to record your first worship album.
7. Plenty of Daffodils, so they can be given out to the Mums during the Mothers Day Service.
8. A sandpit, for Sunday School activities.
9. A summer chalet. A large one. At the end of your garden. So you can host Church weekend aways, and as such, cut down on costs for everyone else.
10. A Cross. A Massive Cross. On a Mound. You know… For Easter…

Any other ideas?

*Well it is in South West England anyway…


Bible Lego Palm Sunday

From the looks of some of the stats I can see “behind the scenes” at The Church Sofa, it looks like there are a few people out there who are both Lego fans, and also getting ready for Palm Sunday services. Either way, there seems to be a few people looking for something about “Bible Lego Palm Sunday”, and I wondered if the regular readers of The Church Sofa knew about the Star Wars Lego Easter Story. Similar to last years Lego Good Samaritan, the Lego Easter story is a series of photos imagining lego characters acting out the Easter Story. (The above is obviously Palm Sunday.)

Check it out here.

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