Came across this on Amazon…

Does this make sense to anyone?

Achieve several awesome goals at one time! Challenge your entire Youth Group to memorize John 1:1. Raise money for your Youth Group through a God-endorsed cause (literacy) by reselling this book. Promote life-changing early baby literacy in your church and in your church’s childcare program (check with high school counselor regarding applicability of community service credit). Promote salvation and maybe even close the achievement gap. Baby Literacy Worldwide is a group of Volunteers who believe that Window 1 literacy can close the achievement gap. We explain it like this. God wants readers, why else would He have written a bible? Continue this thought. When is a person most like God? At birth. “God-like.” When does a person learn most like God? At birth. “God-learning.” Birth-to-age-two is the first and best learning opportunity of life, we call it Window 1. Window 1 is the “digital copier” phase of life because a Zero-two-er simply absorbs and records in this learning phase. The God-like aspect of Window 1 is in the fact that for every piece of information digitally copied by Baby, three more pieces of information can be absorbed-exponential God-learning. Baby + Divinity = Babinity™. If you believe that the bible is the living word of God, then you likely agree that John 1:1 is a most wonderful scripture of the bible. Window 1, a baby’s God-learning, and John 1:1 are a perfect match. Babinity, Salvation Starts At Birth, means 1 minute-a-day of flash cards for 24 months and zero-two Babies will read and maybe even will have a jump start at salvation. Babinity is the matching of the exponential-God-learning-Window 1, first and best learning phase, with John 1:1. The goal of this book is to serve as a catalyst to urge each and every member of your Youth Group to memorize John 1:1. At the same time, stir Youth Group members to get involved in Window 1 literacy (start your research at by donating their time to your Church’s childcare program to teach early literacy. Finally, allow you to resell this book to those in your congregation who are so moved to purchase this book from you for a recommended donation of $20 (Pastor approval for this program required first, of course) for a 100% fundraising profit. Learn, teach, grow and fundraise all at the same time! More information available at

Does this make sense to anyone? I’m kinda confused by it all…

Weekly Round Up: The Star Edition

Its getting nearer Christmas, so take a break from the Christmas shopping (which I’m avoiding), and catch up with some weird and wonderful stuff we’ve found online:

Bah Humbug?

Two things.

I love Christmas. Really I do. I love warm mulled wine, the taste of warm spicy apple, Christmas decorations, good will to all men – and all that. I love the fact that the combination of Christmas and New Years is a ready made excuse to catch up with friends and family. I’ve not even mentioned The Doctor Who Christmas special…

Also. Even with its bag full of faults, I also love the Church. A group of people trying to live like Christ? When it goes well, it’s one of the most beautiful things to be part of.

So. Why do I get particularly bored of Church at Christmas? I don’t mean the church I go along to, I mean the whole lot. When I say “the whole lot”, I mean the the carol services, the readings, the carol services, nativities, and more Carol services.

I just can’t help but find approx 6 services with the same readings and same old tunes a tad on the predictable side.

I’ve not even got started on “Away in a Manger” or the lyrical contents of other Christmas Carol tunes… Thinking about it, are there any Christmas worship tunes?


What advice do I have for anyone else who may also feel the grumps about Christmas? Simply put. Find a way to engage with the Nativity. Be it by watching the latest high budget non glossy production on TV, following either someone like @natwivity or @sofachristmas, following a reading plan on YouVersion, or simply just read it for yourself in the Bible. Let’s face it, we all ‘know’ the story but how much could there be that we’ve missed? Or forgotten? After all they say it’s the greatest story ever told and when we really ‘get it’ it probably is…

Engage with it the way you can, then get back to church. Because even through it feels predictable, that can be what people are looking for at this time of year.

Over to you.

  • What do you think of the Church at Christmas? Is it predictable or special?
  • Do you also have an attack of the “Bah Humbugs” during particular Christmas Carols?

Have You Taken The Salvation Challenge?

What is the Salvation Challenge Board Game?

Well according to Amazon:

Each player has one million in kingdom cash. The players get saved by landing on Calvary and making the salvation call, “Jesus save me.” After getting saved the players enter a race to see who can be the first to give all of their cash to missionaries to further advance God’s Kingdom. The winner of the game is the first player to get saved and then give all of their cash to missions.

Sounds complicated? Maybe?

Sound fun to you?

(h/t Christian Nightmares )


Weekly Roundup: The Almost Christmas Edition


Its the first weekend of December. Is it Christmas yet?

Anyway… getting on with it: