What Christian Denomination Should You Actually Be a Part Of?

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    1. Yes, the true Church consists of all true believers no matter what church they belong to so long as the Scriptures are their guide. The wheat and the tares grow together. God knows who His true followers are no matter where they happen to be!

    2. “The body of Christ”, “the church” (1 Corinthians 12:27; Ephesians 1:22-23; 4:12; Colossians 1:18,24) is truly “the church of God” (Acts 20:28; 1 Corinthians 1:2; 10:32; 11:22; 15:9; 2 Corinthians 1:1; Galatians 1:13), and the ‘only Christian denomination’ alluded to in the Biblical record.

    1. Well there are self proclaimed Christians who make up their own commandment. Hatred of others is a biggy based on differences. Then there are the Christians who are a part of the “Jesus Movement” We are taught to love, honor and respect all of Gods Children. Even the non believers.

    2. … The quiz was to identify what kind of a Christian someone be. If you prefer to be “none of above”, why take the quiz?

  1. How about a unique idea: forget about denominations (meaning division, which Jesus and apostles spoke against) and just worship as the 1st century Christians worshipped–according to scripture. Preach, pray, sing (no mechanical instruments), observe Lord’s supper, and contribute (no tithes since that was of the Old Law) but give as one is prospered.

    1. I’m curious. Why no musical instruments? The Psalms are filled with declarative sentences telling us to praise God with instruments. That’s not part of the Old Law. Why would that be different today?

      1. As it was explained to me by the elders of my congregation, there is no instance of musical instruments being used in worship service specifically mentioned in the New Testament (when describing the order for worship). It isn’t to say they cannot be used at all, nor that God didn’t specifically instruct their use from time-to-time, but it just isn’t laid out for worship.

        Personally, that isn’t a conviction of mine. But I understand why it is in place within my congregation, and I can respect that for those who are convicted.

  2. It says Lutheranism for me. I have been to a Lutheran church. This is definitely not the denomination for me. I don’t think the person or persons who made up this test are very informed on the denominations.

    1. Lutheran churches vary greatly, depending on country and tradition… east African Lutherans are definitely different in their worship and spirituality from ELCA Lutherans 😉 or in Germany, a visitor from another Lutheran church might wonder when attending church in Württemberg – they don´t have mass as the liturgy but another tradition dating back to pre-reformation times – while other Lutheran churches worship in the classic Lutheran mass style. Or take the state churches in Sweden or Norway… liberal, open to LGBTIQ* in ministery, eco, dialogue with other religions… and then take SELK or Missouri Synod Lutherans or the conservative majority in Latvia: no women´s ordination, homosexuality is an abomination, etc. – I am rather Lutheran (although I now work in a reformed (presbyterian) church), can´t deny my origins. But I felt lost when I visited a Lutheran church in Geneva, Switzerland. It was a kind of “plastic lutheranism”, I felt not at home.

      1. On the contrary, if you are Catholic Christian you always feel at home in a Catholic church or parish anywhere in the world with same Liturgical services (Eucharist), Readings, Rites…. Unity is evident as Jesus prayed “that all be one”. The 2 billion Christians is number of Catholics around the world….

  3. You should actually be a Mormon! You’re unique and you see the world through the lens of modern day prophecy! For you, it makes total sense that Christianity totally lost it’s way, and therefore God gave us a later day Church with later day prophecy. Hitch your wagons and head to Utah, because redemption is on it’s way!

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was founded by Joseph Smith in the 1830. He believed that he was a Prophet with a vision of God that enabled him to find hidden plates inscribed with the” Book of Mormon”, a text about ancient Israelites who settled in North America. Many Mormon beliefs are unique and unlike those of other Christian denominations. For example, the LDS Church is run by a Prophet whom Mormons believe receives direct guidance from God.

    And I am a Latter-Day Saint!

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