Inappropriate Wedding Songs

For those who dont know, “ThisAndy” is getting married this summer.

Personally I’m hoping he needs some help with choosing some songs for the wedding day, as I’m sure I would be able to use this as inspiration for any help given:


Rev Series 3, Episode 6 Preview.

Whilst the preview clip is kinda funny, be warned. The Radio Times has this to say about the episode:

“…it is clear, in the final episode of the series, that nothing can ever be the same again. It’s too, too sad. Much too sad.”

Doll Evangelism

Bible For Dolls

Do you know any one who has a toy doll?

It could be a girl, it could be a guy (we dont judge), but either way, that doll owner probably has some possible access to a Bible.

What about the doll? Shouldn’t the doll have access to the Word of God?

Well now thanks to, dolls now have access their own Bible. This ebay advert listed as “Real Text Inside Holy Bible 1:6 for Barbie Monster High 18″ American Girl Dolls”. The specifications confirming that this is has “1 x Holy Bible”.

The full ebay advert can be found here.

Is there any smaller Bibles out there?
Are you going to be buying these for your church dolls?