Some Conversation Starters For Church This Weekend.

Ok. Lets face it, its been an “interesting” week here in Britain, with slightly over half the population* voting to leave the EU… Obviously this leaves just under half the population* wondering what the other half were thinking.

Now for Christians going to Church tomorrow, this means we need to at least attempt to put things to one side, and come together as a family in Christ. While trying not to fight over the result**.

To help with this, let me introduce you to The Non EU Referendum Conversation Starter Card. Feel free to print this out, and take it with you to Church, and use it to help you decide¬†what to talk about… without upsetting anyone***.

Conversation Card

* …that voted.

** like a normal family might.

*** Possibly. Sofa cant be held responsible for any negative outcomes from using this conversation starter card. Positive ones… we can. Negative… Big no….


Honest Church Notice Board

Church Notice Board of The Week

I’m not sure how long I’ve been posting Church Boards, but I know this is the first time I’ve purposely repeated one, twice in two weeks.

There’s just something about this one…

Maybe its a reminder for myself.

It might be a reminder for everyone to behave after the result of the EU Referendum.

Maybe its something about how some corners of the internet have reacted to the shootings in Orlando.

Possibly its something about the murder of the MP Jo Cox.

It could be something about my general feeling about the state of the world, and my lack of action in the face of it all.

Not sure what it is.

But this felt worthwhile repeating.