Jesus in a Smoke Cloud

He’s appeared in a toilet, toast, a receipt ,a Nintendo, pizza, a red arrows show, a toilet, a drinks cabinet, and even a spot of grease*!… and now.

Jesus has now appeared in a smoke cloud.

According to The Daily Mail**:

This is the moment a giant face appeared as two chimney stacks were destroyed simultaneously.

Grant Redpath captured the unusual images while watching the demolition of the 500-foot towers at Cockenzie Power Station, East Lothian, from a boat.

He posted the pictures on Facebook where hundreds of people said they could also see a ghostly bearded figure.

Its worth noting that the Mail does go on and include someones comment that the face does also look like Robert Downey Junior.

Have you found Jesus in the smoke recently?

Found at Christian Nightmares.



10 New Christian Insults

10 New Christian InsultsOne day, a while ago, I wrote a list of Christian Insults. Time has passed since then, and I have heard new insults muttered in the dark areas of Church. Here are (possibly) 10 Christian Insults I’ve heard around the dark corners of Church.

  1. I’m guessing you’re speaking in tongues, as I cant understand a word you just said to me.
  2. I need to remember, our Lord Jesus, during his time physically on earth, used a donkey. I guess he could do the same now.
  3. With theology* like that, why did you ever graduate from Creche?
  4. I bet you use the fake stuff during communion right?
  5. We are all a gift from God. Some of us are a gift to simply test us.
  6. Is there such a thing as a Holy Slap?
  7. You just imagine Bible verses that aren’t really there don’t you?
  8. You’re so old, I bet you were around when Delirious were cool.
  9. You were baptised properly right?
  10. That sermon made me want Gods Kingdom to come quicker.
  11. You’re the type of person to eat the fruit before talking to the snake right?
  12. That was so subtle, I almost miss Mark Driscoll.

* and counting skills.

Please let me know if you use any of these at Church or even at work. If you have any other ideas please share them below

With thanks to The Beaker Folk for the inspiration to have another go at this.

How Great is Our God

This morning I led our prayer meeting at work. I chose to show an older Louie Giglio message(you can tell it’s old as he uses a Bible rather than an iPad!) called How Great is Our God. Check it out below

After watching this I felt pretty small, in a good kinda way. I love when he says that sin makes us seem bigger and God seem smaller – just gets everything out of perspective.

My question for you is: How do we keep that perspective?