Rev Paul Williamson, A Reminder of What Is Not Found in The Bible

Rev Paul Williamson has made a last ditch attempt to halt the consecration of the Church of England’s first female bishop, by shouting during Rev Libby Lane’s ordination: “A female bishop is not found in the Bible”.

Here is Rev Paul Williamson thoughts about women bishops on Sky News.

Well, Sofa would like to remind Rev Paul Williamson of a few other things that aren’t in the Bible:

  1. Dog Collars! Get that thing off your neck!
  2. The “Arch” Deacon.
  3. A Whale swallowing up Jonah.
  4. Nuns… and Monks
  5. Three Kings.
  6. Non alcoholic communion wine.
  7. English people.
  8. A Donkey taking Mary to Bethlehem.
  9. Massive churches to be “filled”.
  10. The Church of England…

Some of these are presumptions, so please feel free to school me on any of the above.

Please feel free to add to the above list below:

Play Where’s Wally. Jesus Style!

The chances are, you, at some point have either played / seen / watched / read Where’s Wally. The kids book where you basically play Hide and Seek with the character Wally, who has a nasty habit of hiding in a big crowd of people.

If you are from a Church background you may have either heard of people talking about “Finding Jesus”, or indeed may have sung “I’ve Found Jesus”.

What if these two things were combined into a game called “Where is Jesus?”:


This and many other pictures are found over at While playing Where’s Jesus, can I recommend this as your soundtrack?

Just don’t spend to much time finding Jesus (in this sense anyway)

Jesus In An Ear?

He’s appeared in a toilet, some toast, a receipt ,a Nintendo, a spot of grease, and even pizza*!… and now Jesus has appeared in an ear. Actually Jesus has appeared in an ear belonging to a wet dog*:



The Express website reports on this wet dog:

Rachel Evans, 25, was bathing her mini Yorkshire terrier Dave in the bathroom sink when she took some cute photos.

But it wasn’t until she showed them to her partner James Williams, 28, that she spotted the face of Jesus in the pet’s soggy ear.

The DVLA worker from Swansea, south Wales, said: “I was a bit freaked out to be honest.

“I am a bit superstitious and it’s quite spooky.

“At first I didn’t see anything at all. We were just giving them a bath in the sink and taking silly photos and selfies because they looked cute.

“About an hour later I showed my partner and he said ‘can you see that face?’ “We looked a but closer and realised it looked like Jesus. It’s a bit strange.”

Read further at

Have you found Jesus in a dogs ear recently?


The Holiest Job in The Church.

Its ok. You can stop your arguing. You can now stop trying to be last. The Sofa has done the research and can now reveal which is the holiest job in a Church. This involved looking at the Holy people* in the Church, and seeing what jobs they were doing. To make sure this research is as obviously scientific as possible, we have presented our findings in the form of a graph.



*No we’re not sure how the Holy Spirit Rating was worked out either.

Any Jobs that have been missed?